We understand customers’ requirements and satisfy them with the needed plastic injection products~
Homway Industry has integrated the processes from the product design, mold design and making, injection formation, accessory integration, assembly and packaging, all the way to the delivery to serve our customers. We implement a one-stop production flow such that the needed processes can be handled inside the plant all by ourselves. There are also many quality cooperating manufacturers which can assist on the OEM tasks such as product proofing, printing and painting, metal parts supply, etc. In addition, the product manufacturing process integration achieved by Homway Industry is able to effectively lower the customers’ time costs, facilitate the coordination among the departments and control the timeliness and maneuverability well. Homway Industry is in operation 24 hours a day continuously. Our uninterrupted production process ensures quality consistency. It can reduce costs, fulfill mass production requirements from the customer side, and the processing time can be shortened. Furthermore, the idle time can be reduced for small-batch production, the mobility can be upgraded, and better competitiveness can be created accordingly.