Homway Industry has been in this business for more than 40 years already that we have accumulated a wealth of outsourcing experiences for injection. We have integrated the processes from product design, mold design and development, injection formation, assembly and packaging all the way to the delivery to serve our customers. We implement a one-stop production flow that the needed processes can be handled inside the plant all by ourselves. We have changed to 24-hour continuous operations to become a professional plastic injection outsourcing plant and to serve more customers. Our uninterrupted production ensures better product quality and consistency. It can reduce costs, meet customer requirements for mass production, and the process time can be lowered. Moreover, the idle time can be reduced for small-batch production and the mobility can be upgraded thus creating an even better competitiveness.

The service items are as follows:
1. Product Design: ODM, OEM, product proofing.
2. Mold manufacturing: plastic mold design and development, aluminum mold design and development, CNC integrated milling machine processing, Inspection and jig fixture designs.
3. Injection: double shot / two color / dual-material plastic injection, nitrogen-assisted hollow molding, special materials injection production, buried injection and ordinary injection outsourcing tasks.
4. Accessory Integration: printing painting, electroplating painting, metal hardware accessories, stickers outsourcing.
5.Assembly Packaging: all kinds of product assembly / packaging, ultrasonic welding, rivet stamping fixing.
6. Quotation services: quotations can be made on all kinds of plastic products .

Homway Industry would do as we can to comply with customer requirements and we look forward to your call or email for discussions!!!~